Payments begin here, at our Shopping Mall ( ).  But all payment information is given on the secure PayPal website, not here on the Road to Emmaus Mall.   You are transferred to PayPal at the proper time where all information is secure.   
Customers may use PayPal, or any of the four credit cards on the logo below (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, or a bank card associated with any of these providers).   
(California customers pay a 9.25% sales tax.)      

To purchase an item, click on the relevant Shopping Cart button, which will take you to the PayPal website where you enter your information on a safely secured website.  You can update amounts, return to continue shopping, or proceed to checkout..  
You will be asked to leave your email address so that you can be notified of your payment being received, and then in cases where a passcode is needed (such as online seminars), you will receive the passcode.  
If email containing required passcode does not arrive, or email to, or, if time is short, as for an online seminar, call The Road to Emmaus at 562-697-5049.  If there is no answer, leave both your email address and phone number.  
Online Seminars of 1 lecture = $5.00    2 lectures = $9.00    3 lectures $13.00    4 lectures = $17.00    5 lectures = $21.00    6 lectures = $25
For seminars with additional lectures, add $4 per additional lecture.

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